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List of people and details for the testing that will take place on 27.07.2010

July 26th, 2010
Thank you very much for your feedback!
The following people will be tested tomorrow, TUESDAY, 27.07, 10:30 AM, BUCHAREST, at the Synevo laboratory on 1 Bibescu Voda street , apartment build 4, sector 4 – near Hotel Horoscop, according to the list that was attached to the contract signed today :
Dinu Liviu Marian

Dinu Laura Elena

Vlaicu Alexandru

Neagu Victor

Lisievici Andreea

Mihaela Popescu

Andreescu Violeta Margareta

Andreescu Cristina

Adrian Bir Barbuliceanu

Rosca Octavian Nicolae

Paraschiv Carmen

Necula Marius

Moianu Nicoleta Madalina

Anca Tudora Mihaela

Mirela Scaunasu

Irina Senarea

Popaene Daniela

Petra Narcisa

Cruceanu Bogdan

Costea Bogdan

Iulia Craiu

Gabriela Potop Irimia

Costea Angelica

Ilie Andra Roxana

Dinu Vlad Alexandru

Barbulescu Rocsana

Cechi Cristina Valentina

Lucian Oprea

Renata Holmes

Antonio Dumitrescu

Dana Vereanu

Andra Stefanescu

Anamaria Martin

Gogarla Tiberiu Andrei

Mihai Dobos
We have to mention that the 35 people limit was imposed on us, but they promised that today they will try to organize another testing session for Wednesday, with a new list of people that are willing to get tested.
In the meantime, people from the list above are expected to show up at the specified address on Monday at 10:30 am. Test tubes with each other’s name are already prepared. !
You can eat and drink before the test. It won’t affect the results.
For questions and other info, the following people will be at the laboratory to help you:
-Cristina Pelteacu, from Synevo
-Alina Popa, a friend of mine
They will make sure everything will be ok.
Tomorrow you will have to sign a consent form that says you agree to be tested and 2 test tubes with your blood samples will be collected.
I’m here to answer your questions at any time.
For Wednesday, the list is still open, I will get back to you when I’ll have more details.
You can’t imagine how much all of this means to me !
Thank you very much!