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March 14th, 2010 Comments off
Once again, I don’t know where to start. Once again, so many things happened since my last post therefore I’m not sure in which order I should tell you everything that happened lately.
First of all , I want to thank you from my heart for your help, for everything ! I have managed to raise the amount of money that was lacking, money  needed in order to pay for my transplant. I cannot express how thankful I am.
Also, I want to thank everyone that   made possible the charity concert that took place on the 10th of March, in Jukebox Club. I would like to thank to all of my new gained friends, to the people who organized the event, to all the artists that agreed to sing  for me, and also to the artists who, due to the lack of time and Thank you very much to all my new friends, thank you very much to all those that helped organize the concert , to the artists that accepted to sing for me at this event and to those artists that, due to lack of time and lack of space on the poster,  agreed to participate at  the event as guests.  I would also like to thank to all the media and mass media representatives involved.
Many thanks from the bottom of my heart to all of you who attended this event and thank you so much CRISTINA ! But this is another story !
I will stop for now, otherwise you will tell me that I’m not at the Oscars. But you can imagine how all of this makes me feel, once again.
Now you could say “ ok , you have the money, so  you can do the transplant anytime now” . Well , I wish it would have been that easy. Unfortunately, in the meantime, the disease started to fool around, it’s in progression again as deducted from the Pet-CT scan that  was supposed to be the last examination of that kind before the transplant. And because a transplant made while the disease is in progression would be  uneffective, the doctors decided we need to stop the disease again with two more chemotherapy cycles ( two would be ideal , maximum three) .
Also, the doctors have decided to perform another biopsy, to reconfirm the diagnosis, before the transplant . A reasonable measure considering the fact that my disease doesn’t react quite tipically, so it has to be checked before every big step. I was diagnosed in august 2008, they reconfirmed the diagnosis in 2009 through another biopsy ( two histopathologists confirmed the diagnostic independently) and now they want, again, recent certainty.
Last night I was discharged from the  clinic where I underwent surgery  on Wednesday, surgery performed in order to extract a suspect lymph node that will be used for a new histopathology  analysis . Here it takes one week for the results to be ready.
I am feeling ok after the surgery , they have a brilliant surgeon here . It’s his fourth surgery performed on me , with no after-surgery complications and with almost no visible scars ( not that I would care about that right now, but in a few years , while on the beach, it will matter ! J )
So basically the plan is as follows :
–         We have to wait till Wednesday or Thursday for the  wound to heal ( I have a drain – a tube and a plastic bottle with a vacuum – responsible for collecting the lymphatic and interstitial  liquid until healing , in order to avoid any complications) .
–         On Wednesday or on Thursday , depending on the surgeon’s recommendation, I will start the first round of chemotherapy – three days will be spent in the hospital , two consecutive ones and another one on the 8th day of the chemotherapy round.  I will be going through two rounds of chemotherapy after which we will
–         Re-evaluate the situation based on a clinical exam, ultrasounds and, if necessary, a MRI.   As soon as the disease will be stopped from progression we’ll get to the
–         TRANSPLANT
We hope and we estimate that all should take around two months, considering the fact that one chemo round lasts between 3 weeks and a month , depending on how fast the cells recover after chemotherapy.
You are probably wondering “what if the disease doesn’t stop”. If the disease doesn’t stop, we’ll use another type of chemo. There are two alternative chemo treatments that proved to be effective in my current situation. The disease is at first sensitive to the chemotherapy, and because of that we’ll do everything in an alert pace, in order have the best results. And besides that, THE DISEASE WILL STOP !
Enough, I won’t  bother you any longer with technical details.
Until now I avoided to post about this stage of the treatment on the blog because I wanted to make sure that from a legal point of view it won’t negatively affect my medical file that’s being reviewed by the Public Health Committee. I have analyzed the current situation, together with doctors, friends and colleague  lawyers and we came to the conclusion that my file is, from a medical and legal point of view, beyond any form of criticism. Accordingly, I have told you the story and I’m waiting, along with my friends and with you beside me, the Committee’s response.
I end my story here, not before I’ll make the ferm promise to keep you updated and to do everything in my power in order to win the battle against this disease, as well as you did everything you could to help me in this battle !
Thank you!

UPDATE 28.01.2010

January 28th, 2010 Comments off

Sunt dupa inca o zi de chimioterapie, ziua de ieri.

Am facut chimioterapie o data pe saptamana, incepand cu data de 14.01, am continuat cu o a doua cura pe 20 si am mai facut o zi de tratament ieri, pe 27 ianuarie.

Asta a fost decizia medicului : cata vreme analizele mele arata ca maduva, in special, si organismul, in general, suporta foarte bine toxicitatea acestui tratament, cata vreme indicatorii de inflamatie sugereaza ca boala raspunde la protocolul asta de chimioterapie, ar trebui sa il tinem pe domnul limfom Hodgkin numai in suturi, daca imi este permisa exprimarea.

Din fericire, acestea sunt vesti foarte bune, chiar daca nu era dorinta mea cea mai arzatoare sa ma prezint la spital pentru o zi in fiecare saptamana. Ma intreb cand o sa ma considere una d-ale lor, sa imi puna in brate cateva instrumente medicale si sa ma trimita la pacient in salon, sau macar un mop si o galeata…

Sigur, acum avem numai indicii ca boala nu numai ca este tinuta sub control, dar si cedeaza treptat in urma acestui tip de chimioterapie. Medicii apreciaza ca ar trebui sa mai treaca putin timp pana la efectuarea unor examene medicale mai extensive care sa arate situatia cu certitudine.

Pentru moment, am o pauza de doua saptamani, pana cand, in saptamana 8-14 februarie, in functie de cat de repede imi revin dupa aceste ture de chimioterapie, urmeaza sa fac o noua cura, un protocol care cuprinde substanta de pana acum, gemcitabina, la care se va adauga o substanta mai puternica, cisplatin. De asemenea, probabil ca va fi eliminat si cortizonul cu acea ocazie din tratament, asa incat nu voi mai fi insomniaca si agitata, dar asta inseamna si ca de curatenia domestica se va ocupa exclusiv sora mea, eu revenind la cotele de energie de dinainte de experienta “cortizon in doze mari”.

Pana atunci, voi face analize de sange destul de des, pentru a monitoriza cu atentie situatia de dupa administrearea chimioterapiei (deja marti, inainte de ultima tura de chimioterapie, celulele erau destul de putinele), asa incat sa nu risc aparitia vreunei infectii si sa putem interveni la timp, in caz de necesitate, cu antibiotic intravenos sau cu transfuzii de eritrocite sau de trombocite.

Va voi tine la curent si, asa cum am promis, voi reveni cat de curand si cu informatiile despre care va vorbeam in postarea trecuta!

Cu recunostinta si entuziasm,

Cristina DINU

Ca un Ps – as vrea sa va asigur de faptul ca citesc toate mesajele dumneavoastra, va multumesc din suflet pentru faptul ca sunteti alaturi de mine, pentru urarile transmise, si eu sunt foarte optimista! Iar cat priveste mesajele prin care imi spuneti ca va ajuta ce postez pe blog, la nivel de informatie medicala trecuta prin filtrul unui pacient experimentat (adica eu 🙂 ), ma bucur sa stiu ca pot ajuta, promit ca lucrez la elaborarea unei modalitati de a va informa mult mai serioasa, complexa si centralizata, iar pana atunci, va stau la dispozitie cu raspunsuri la intrebari(desi sper sa nu aveti nevoie), la adresa de e-mail